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Our innovative and powerful operating system is designed to provide you with a seamless and secure computing experience. Equipped with the latest technology, truOS caters to the needs of personal and professional users alike.

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One truOS Many forms.

truOS supports a wide range of hardware devices with various form factors, while providing an unified and efficient user and developer experience. Applications and data can be easily shared across your devices, and allows developers to write convergent applications that can run on any supported device making it easy to develop once and deploy everywhere.


Introducing truOS Desktop

Designed for personal and professional use, truOS provides a fast and reliable computing experience with a familiar yet refreshing user interface. With a vast library of applications via the truOS Store, and robust security features, truOS is built to handle all your desktop computing requirements. Enjoy a seamless and enjoyable computing experience with regular updates and exceptional customer support.

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Supports modern as well as old devices

truOS is compatible with wide range of desktops and laptops from different generations.

Best for online safety and privacy

Browse the web confidently with Brave, a safe and privacy respecting browser.

truOS Store

With a vast selection of high-quality applications, truOS Store has something for everyone. Discover new apps to enhance your computing experience with our one-stop-shop for all your application needs.

Compatible with your existing documents

Get more done with truOS and LibreOffice. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office formats, it's the powerful alternative you need for seamless document creation and collaboration. If you need something else, truOS also supports WPS Office and OnlyOffice.


The secure and open mobile OS

truOS Touch offers a fast, intuitive, and customizable experience, with top-notch security and privacy built-in for your mobile device.

With a range of features designed to streamline your daily tasks, from messaging to email to web browsing, truOS is optimized for performance and reliability on the go.

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truOS Nano

truOS Nano is a customizable and reliable solution for IoT devices. With low system requirements, it can run on a range of hardware platforms. Whether for smart homes, sensor networks, or any other IoT solution, truOS is the perfect choice.

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Embed your thoughts in speed

truOS Nano comes with real time patches to the Linux kernel which provides extreme low-latency timing and scheduling, allowing your applications to respond quickly to external events, making it ideal for soft real-time applications like industrial automation systems.

Develop applications with Python and truOS Platform, using truOS Desktop and deploy in truOS Nano with ease. If you need higher performance, you can also use Cython dialect of Python or lower level languages like C/C++ or assembly.

truOS Nano

Upgrade your embedded systems and IoTs with truOS.

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Provide your critical server applications with enterprise-level performance and security with truOS Cloud. With truOS, you can manage your servers with ease, streamline your operations, and ensure optimal performance and uptime for your business. Whether you need to run web applications, databases, or other mission-critical services, truOS is the ideal solution for your needs.

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Unlease the full potential of your servers

For your mission-critical needs

Provide high-performance and reliability for your critical server applications and data with truOS Cloud. Whether you're running web applications, databases, or other mission-critical services, truOS is the ideal platform for ensuring optimal performance and uptime for your business.

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Make your sysadmins happy

truOS provides the best experience for your sysadmins. It's compatible with popular Linux systems, interfaces well with Windows servers, has familiar interface and supports wide range of hardware and software. Whether you're looking to migrate from another platform or simply need to add new servers to your existing infrastructure, truOS makes it easy to scale up and expand your IT capabilities.

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